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Holidays in Greece
Holidays in Greece
griffingriffin91 am 25.12.2019 um 19:11 (UTC)
 Greece is the home of the ancient most popular philosophers. You should know that Greece is actually called Hellenic Republic. The history in this nation might leave you wanting to be a citizen. They have myths about god and goddess, there are so many islands to relax and enjoy, but above all, Greek’s hospitality is antique. Apart from the history you are going to learn and the sculptures you are going to see around the cities of Greece, it is good to know some other helping factors that are going to enhance your stay here.

Have cash in your pocket

Even though there is the use of cards and online money transfer systems, some shops have not yet incorporated this systems and they will accept nothing but cash. Also, your credit card might fail you at the checkout point, what will you do? Emergencies cannot be foreseen, but preparing and being able to solve one is much better than waiting for it to knock first. ATMs are all over the cities so you do not have to go to the bank when you need cash, they are even available in some stores and restaurants.

Smoking is not restricted

Most countries have strict smoking policies that do not allow citizens to smoke publicly. This is a good policy because the passive smokers are really affected even more than the active smoker. Can you imagine sitting next to a pregnant woman and you are smoking? However, in Athens, Greeks like smoking and even though they have rules, they are not really that strict and most restaurants and cafes are not smoke-free. Therefore, you can have your cigar without fear of breaking the law.

Beware of tourist traps

You are new in the city where you know no one, I don’t get the reason why you should follow a stranger to places you do not know. You do not know them and they do not know you either. Again, don’t they have something to do instead of offering to take you to your destination? If greece need help, it is good to approach an officer instead of any random person you find on the way. It is also good to avoid deserted places. Use hotels and restaurants with a sizeable number of clients enjoying their meals.


Around the town’s center, it is easily accessible by foot because it is compact. However, movement to other places that require a mode of transport can be covered using a taxi. Taxis in Athens are yellow in color, therefore identifying them is not a problem. Beware that the old taxi scams still exist and you might be faced with one. To be on the safer side, it is good to have an app called beat. This app enables you to calculate the amount of money to pay for the distance covered, or else, you can make yourself conversant with the prices by asking around. Be careful who you are asking from.


In Greece, Greek is their major language, not everyone in Athens can speak English. However, English is taught from a young age. German, French and Italian are also taught but you won’t find a bigger number of people speaking them. Very important, Greece uses euro as their currency. Greeks have a rich culture that you also should at least try to emulate for the time you will be staying there, such as not showing too much skin especially when visiting the church. As much as you can show it, not the American style, be torn between tradition and your comfort.

These top news from Greece are meant to get you ready for an experience you haven’t had, because there is no other place to get historical education and enjoy the vast beautiful islands in Greece. If you were going to stay in Athens, it will do you no harm exploring other cities like Thessaloniki and the islands.




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